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The First Official Fanclub Forum! Dadicated to the quite new band Uh Huh Her, that lives in L.A. and consists of LEISHA HAILEY and CAMILA GREY!
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PostSubject: Suppy   Fri Sep 28, 2007 5:21 am

Not sure this right place to post this but just thought i'd say hi and see if there is anyone alive out there lol. My name is jessica and im from florida born and raised here half cuban
from both my parents. I've newly opened myself up more to the gay community. Just so you know, i heard of uh uh her from thelwordonline, i'm a big fan of leisha and
then became a big fan of both her and cam's musiq now. So yeah back to me right lol i am 19yo a full blown out lesbian but i believe a person can find love anywhere out there no matter the persons gender of course! I used to be with a man for 3 years and now am currently best friends with him. Yeah my life is a story to tell of many...

Well i think thats about it o.o
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PostSubject: Hey   Sat Sep 29, 2007 5:51 pm

This is absolutely the right place! Like a Star @ heaven

So hey again, Jessica!
You live in Florida...wow! Iīve never been there before, but I alway wanted to spend my holidays in sun state Florida! Whatīs it like right now? I would think that itīs pretty busy in the summer months...isnīt it? With all the sun fanatic tourists? sunny

The gay community is really hard to get into, I think! That sucks and is sad! Sad We have the same opinion about finding love! I mean whatīs the deal with the whole gender thing? lol! Canīt you just fall in love with the PERSON and not the geneder?

Wow...you are best friends with your ex? Thatīs quite a thing, I gotta say! cyclops

I love Leisha! Sheīs just amazing, sexy, cute, etc.! Canīt wait to see her in Blackpool in about two month! cheers

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PostSubject: Re: Suppy   Sun Sep 30, 2007 3:09 pm

Wow JN, you sound like my friend!! But she's in Hialeah in Miami Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Suppy   

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